With the aftermath of the economic recession still hurting a lot of people, the time to move house is certainly not now. The cost of moving could be £9,000 or more; that will just cover fees to move.

Most people are realising that they have unreleased potential stuck in their homes. Instead of moving, they can make the most out of their current property. Sometimes it means moving furniture around to create open spaces, where as other times it could mean introducing new features and furniture. Here are some unique things you could do with oak barrels.

Garden planters
Looking for a way to create a separate flower bed, but add some rustic character to the garden? Garden planters using oak barrels could be the answer. They are becoming incredibly popular because they offer excellent value for money. Remember, you need to make sure the wood is protected before planting. Otherwise the wood will get moist and rot quickly.

Outdoor benches
If you have walked around a home retail store, you will have already realised just how boring garden furniture really is. Why not add something unique to your garden? Oak barrels can easily be converted into benches. Oak is an extremely durable material. As long as you coat it in a protective solution, you will be able to enjoy it for decades to come.

Using the same model as the bench, you could easily create a rustic outdoor swing. All you need to make on top of the bench is a frame to hold the swing. This could be a frame built specifically for the job, or you could make the most out of nature and use a tree instead. It will help to add some class and character to your garden and allow your children to have fun at the same time.

If you would like to purchase Wooden Barrels, view the range of Oak Barrels from Celtic Timber‘s website, who supply a wide range of Oak products for your Home and Garden.

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Buying a leather sofa can be a complete minefield, especially for those people that have not done it before.

Not only are there hundreds of suppliers to choose from, but there are 1,000s of different sofas too. If you are looking for a new piece of furniture for the home, then you need to narrow down the search. This will ensure that you get the best product at the best price.

Home or office?
First of all, will the sofa be for a home or office? Although many sofas look similar, the size and style is suited to different types of buildings. For instance, you might have a home that has lots of character and that is 200 years old. On the flip side, an office might be a modern new build. They will require different sizes and designs.

Do you have any idea of the type of suite that you need? Some people prefer to have sofas with 2 and 3 seats. Others prefer to get a 3 piece suite which has a piece for 1, 2 and 3 people. Of course, nowadays, corner furniture has also become extremely popular, so this could be an option.

How much do you have to spend? Have a quick look through some online stores. This will give you an idea of what you can get and for what price. This will help you when it comes to creating a budget. Try and make a budget before hand, as it can be extremely easy to overspend.

The supplier
The final thing to consider is the supplier. If you have found the exact sofa that you want, compare prices using Google. Just because a supplier is listed first in Google, does not necessarily mean that they are the cheapest. Always do 2-3 comparisons before making a purchase.

When it comes to the supplier, we would reccomend that you have a look at Thomas Lloyd Leather Sofas, an Established UK manufacturer, who have been producing high quality leather furniture since the 1980′s.

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Modern furniture is the best way to make sure your home looks like you and reflects the spirit of the owners to the full. That is why it is essential to shop online and spend a considerable amount of time there in order to have the best results available for everyone to see. At Italian furniture it is possible to shop for all kinds of furniture, from amazing stylish classic to the hip high tech minimalist piece that will look really neat in an airy modern style house or apartment.

With many options for great modern lighting it is also possible to see how lighting can lift the mood in the place and make it happen for you, no matter what budget you are on. The bedroom is a place where people relax and have fun so you have to try and stay on top of your game with your bedroom styling. Look at Instyle bedrooms online for your choice.

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Furniture is one of those things that can give a room lots of character and show people what the owners of the house are made of. There are great opportunities for all furniture lovers today to find great products online and furniture shopping is no exception. Nowadays it is possible to find plenty of different styles and designs that can really stand out and make your home stylish and beautiful.

You can buy furniture without leaving your home, spending as much time as necessary on choosing the right pieces for yourself. lock stock and barrel has a great winter sale going on now with up to 60% off some of their furniture. It is important to choose modern coffee tables that are stylish yet wonderful for everyone to see and use so make sure you are on the right track with it and know what you are doing. With modern wall units it is possible to delineate different spaces in the same home in order to have boundaries and help you have fun.

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The cost of a living room redesign project can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t plan ahead and adhere to your budget. There are cost-effective ways to decorate this interior space and make it more livable. Evaluate the condition of your existing flooring, furnishings and walls.
If your flooring has excess wear and stubborn stains, you can update it with carpet. This luxurious flooring material provides a beautiful stage for your décor. You can purchase high-quality wholesale carpet at significantly lower prices than is available through retail stores. Lighter colors work well in formal living rooms with light foot traffic. Darker colors are more practical if the living room is the focal point of your home.

You don’t have to toss your furnishings and start over. It’s easy to update the look of your existing cabinets, tables and other furniture with paint. For a rustic or casual look, you can give your wood a distressed finish. White paint imparts an elegant and classic appeal. You can customize the look of your fireplace mantle, cabinets and other furniture with appliqués that replicate the ornate wood carvings from bygone eras. Another option is to purchase unfinished wood furniture and decorate the surface with a design of your choice. You can draw the image by hand or transfer it using a stencil or carbon paper.

Paint is the backdrop for your living room. You can create a minimalist setting with earth tones, such as sand or olive green. Bolder color options include blue, red or indigo. Use masking tape to make geometric shapes, patterns and borders. You can save money on your paint. Contact your local improvement store or a paint retailer, and ask if they have “mismatched” paint. This is paint that didn’t meet the specifications of another customer. Determine whether there is enough paint for your living room and if the color is appropriate for your décor.

An eco-friendly way to save money is to purchase recycled paint. The quality is equivalent to regular paint, but it releases a lower level of volatile organic compounds. This paint is only available in neutral colors. You can add another paint to achieve your desired color. Many nationally recognized paint manufacturers offer recycled paint. You can purchase it from an improvement stores or online.

Lastly, crown molding is a popular way to enliven the appearance of your walls. Installing crown molding around your cabinets creates a seamless and professional appearance. You can even save money without sacrificing the appearance of your finished work by using a composite wood product instead of the real thing.

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